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Safety for epilepsy: The Help Belt

This item is designed to be used on car seatbelts and can alert first responders that the passenger suffers from epilepsy (even if everyone in the vehicle is unconscious). These belts are the brainchild and the unique creation of Susan from "Help Belts" and may prove useful to our readers.

How did the Help Belt come to be?  How did you get the idea to create this belt and has it changed over time as you learned more about what might be needed?

The concept of the HELP Belt* has been 10 years in the making. When my son, who is also non-verbal, was diagnosed with Epilepsy at age 5 I began thinking about ways to convey his medical needs should I be incapacitated. Being a single mom there was always a fear that something could happen. 

Early on I began to laminate and attached index cards to his car seat and travel bags. As he got older and no longer needed to be in a car seat I found myself again brainstorming ideas for something that would work. The idea for the "medical alert seat belt cover" came to me when a dear friend was going through breast cancer treatments. I thought about how uncomfortable the seat belt must feel against her central line.  In the months that followed I began to envision the "HELP Belt*". There was a lot of trial and error in coming up with the perfect material, fit and look. There are always ways to improve any product and I am always searching out new ideas for the HELP Belt*. I have sought out suggestions from my Facebook followers of what they would like to see. One big improvement was the addition of "Open for I.C.E."  

The belt states "Open for ICE" on the front.  What does that mean and what kids of information would be placed inside?

I.C.E. is an acronym for "In Case Emergency". When the cover is opened up there is a place to record needed information. Personal Details: Name and phone number, 2 emergency contacts, Medical Care Information: Physician's name and phone number, preferred hospital, Medical Details and Prescriptions where any other information such as allergies can be written in. 

Are these belts easy to attach and detach?  Do they interfere at all with proper seat belt function?

The covers wrap around the seat belt and are fastened with 4 heart shaped snaps. I use snaps for two reasons: the first was that I wanted the product to be strong enough so that a child could not easily pull it off but easy enough for an adult to use. I fell in love with heart shaped snaps. They are the perfect symbol of what HELP Belts* are all about! I put my heart into making my HELP Belts. It brings me great joy knowing that lives can be saved because of HELP Belts.

Could they be used on school buses that are equipped with seat belts?

The covers are easy to fasten and remove and they in no way impede the use of the seat belt. This ability to remove the cover makes them portable. The HELP Belt* goes wherever the individual goes. It can be used in a car, on the school bus, and even on a backpack! 

What material are they made of? Are children who are tactilely defensive alright having this on?

The covers are made from a faux suede polyester material and it is latex free. Because the covers are not bulky with padding they lay flat against the seat belt. This along with the softness of the faux suede greatly reduces the chances that they will be offensive to individuals with tactile issues.

Are there different colors or designs?

Over the years I have reduced the number of colors and designs that I offer. I felt that designs, though fun, might take away from the visibility of the cover. In order for the HELP Belt* to be effective it needs to really stand out. I currently offer the covers in Red, Blue, Neon Green, Neon Yellow, Neon Pink and Black. These are the colors that I feel attract the most attention. 

How easy is it to clean the belt in case it gets soiled?

The covers are easy to clean with a little soap and water. A quick wipe with a wet towel will clean them up nicely. 

How long have you been creating Help Belts?

I have been creating and making HELP Belts* for over two years now and they are *patent pending!

How much does a Help Belt cost?

I keep the cost of my HELP Belts at a reasonable price. The covers are between $7.00 and $9.00 each depending on customization. My goal is to create a fantastic product at a great price. Nothing bothers me more than having to pay an outrageous amount of money for something just because it is geared for someone with a special need. 

How can it be purchased?

HELP Belts* can be purchased online at I keep many conditions in stock and ready to send out within two days. If you prefer a custom cover the wait is about a week or two. 

I also make custom HELP Belts* for groups! Email me for details at


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