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The epilepsy community and our doctors have been out walking for epilepsy, teaching through webinars, and celebrating Purple Day the first half of 2014

Epilepsy Education

In the past 3 months, our epilepsy doctors have offered eight free webinars on epilepsy and seizures, team Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group marched in two epilepsy walks and celebrated Purple Day. Webinars have covered numerous epilepsy topics including medical marijuana, the differences between brand and generic anti-seizure medications, depression and epilepsy, and more.  Some webinars were also given in Spanish and Chinese in order to reach groups of patients and families in their mother tongue providing them with current epilepsy information.  These webinars are open to anyone who registers and represent one of the efforts that the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group is making in spreading current epilepsy information.  All of these past webinars are recorded and available to view at any time at this link:

May 27
Epilepsy Webinar - Dr. Brenda Wu, Epilepsy 101 - Beyond Convulsions (Chinese)

May 20
Epilepsy Webinar - Dr. Christos Lambrakis, Epilepsy testing: Common tests - the how and why

May 20
Epilepsy Webinar - Dr. Lorna Myers, Overview of the new book: Psychogenic non- epileptic seizures: A Guide.

May 13
Epilepsy Webinar - Dr. Philippe Douyon, Marijuana in Epilepsy

April 22
Epilepsy Webinar - Dr. Enrique Feoli, Generic medications vs Brand name/Supplements vitamins and seizures (Spanish)

April 15
Epilepsy Webinar - Dr. Lorna Myers, La Epilepsia que se da con Depresión: cómo se reconoce y qué se hace al respecto?

April 08
Epilepsy Webinar - Dr. Olgica Laban-Grant, Life threatening conditions in epilepsy (status epilepticus, SUDEP)

March 26
Epilepsy Day-Purple Day at the Hackensack University Medical Center
Check out our Purple Day for Epilepsy celebrations in our New York and New Jersey offices!

March 25
Epilepsy Webinar - Dr. Stefanie Berry, Sports participation in children with epilepsy

Epilepsy Walks

Our patients and doctors banded together in New Jersey and Connecticut.  We walked for a brighter tomorrow for epilepsy in Seaside Heights, NJ under highly successful team captain, Mary Holtz, and we walked, rode and ran for epilepsy in Connecticut under seasoned team captain, Dr. Olga Laban-Grant.  A total of $4580 was raised by Team Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group in both walks helping support the Epilepsy Foundations of NJ and CT!

May 10
Epilepsy Foundation of CT 10th Annual Sharon's Ride, Run, Walk for Epilepsy. $1475 raised

May 03
Walk for a Brighter Tomorrow - Seaside Park, NJ Team Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group: $2355 raised and team Latinos por la Epilepsia (NEREG): $750
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