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Our team has been growing professionally and educating other professionals in epilepsy

The Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group staff has been actively teaching other epilepsy professionals and publishing in scientific venues.  We are very proud to announce that Dr. John Ebersole, the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group/Atlantic Health MEG Program Director, received Distinguished Scholar Award at the Virginia Commonwealth University earlier this year.  Read about all the things our staff has been working on.

Dr. John Ebersole, MEG Program Director:

May 19 – He received the Distinguished Scholar Award and gave the same named lecture at the annual Hans Berger Symposium at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.

May 30-June 1 - Hosted the annual Clinical Curry Workshop (sponsored by Compumedics Neuroscan) for neurologists, neuro-scientists, and technologists at Overlook Hospital.  In this workshop participants received hands-on training in the use of the advanced EEG/MEG analysis software, "Curry."

June 6 - Current Practice of Clinical EEG, Edition 4" which was edited by Dr. John Ebersole will be published.

June 7 – Delivered an invited lecture on MEG at the Southern Epilepsy and EEG Society Meeting in Chicago.


Urmi Vaidya, LCSW

Completed Project UPLIFT, a distance delivery program to help patients with epilepsy learn the skills necessary to combat depression through mindfulness and cognitive behavioral techniques.  She is now setting up the first therapy group with our patients. 

Drs. Lorna Myers, Kenneth Perrine, Marcelo Lancman and Ruifan Zeng and Martin Lancman had an article accepted for publication in the Epilepsy and Behavior Journal: Cognitive differences between patients who have psychogenic non-epileptic seizures(PNESs) and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as compared to patients who have PNES without PTSD. 



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