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Our epilepsy community has been busy with Walks and epilepsy webinars

Our patients and doctors have been working steadily to educate the public on epilepsy and seizure topics, raise epilepsy awareness and support our local foundations through fundraising.  We are especially proud of NEREG team captain, Shelby Santucci, who won  the Best Individual and Corporate Fundraising awards in Dutchess County, NY!

Epilepsy Webinars:

Dr. Neelima Takur offered a webinar on autoimmune epilepsy which is a very interesting topic in epilepsy diagnosis and treatment.

All past NEREG webinars can be viewed on YouTube in case you missed them:

June 10
Epilepsy Webinar - Dr. Nelima Thakur, Autoimmune epilepsy

Epilepsy Walks:

Our patients and doctors banded together in New York.  We Strolled for Epilepsy in Dutchess County under highly successful team captain, Shelby Santucci, winning the Best Individual and Corporate Fundraising awards!  A total of $2,261.00 was raised by Team Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group in this walk helping support the Epilepsy Foundation of Northeastern NY!

June 21
Fifth Annual Hudson Valley Stroll for Epilepsy

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