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We salute all our 2011 summer camp and college scholarship winners

Summer Camp 2011 ($250):

William Novak
Age: 10

Danielle Stocknoff

Raquel Leah Malta

Roiza Sandel
Age: 12

Holly Marie Maio
Age: 9

Samantha Drummond
Age: 7

Karon S. Murray
Age: 18

Jamie Rifenburgh
Age: 10

Marshall Wilbur
Age: 16

Kristen Parks
Age: 14

Kyle Collins
Age: 18

Christopher Alves
Age: 7

Olivia N. Harper
Age: 20

College Scholarships 2011 ($1000):

Melissa Kaye Pereira
Age: 22
College: University of Phoenix

Nicole M. Gannon
Age: 17
College: Rider University

Andrew P Deserto, II
Age: 18
College: Mt. St. Mary's or Orange County Community College

Elliot AviMatta
Age: 19
College: University of Delaware

Connor August Doran
Age: 18
College: Central Oregon Community College

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