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Epilepsy Survey: Do you know what a pediatric epileptologist is?

This quarter we asked our website visitors to show their knowledge about a subspecialty in epilepsy; we asked them to tell us if they know what a pediatric epileptologist is.  Children with certain epilepsy syndromes and who may not be responding to treatment might benefit from seeing a specialist of this kind. 

Do you know what a pediatric epileptologist is?

Answer: A neurologist trained in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric epilepsy. Training to achieve this subspecialty takes many years because the doctor must train in neurology, pediatrics, and epilepsy. Pediatric epileptologists are doctors that are board-certified in pediatric neurology, epilepsy, and EEG interpretation. 

Pediatric epileptologists commonly treat:

• new onset epilepsy

• medically refractory epilepsy

• epilepsy syndromes such as Sturge Weber, Lenox Gastaut, and tuberous sclerosis

• post-traumatic epilepsy

• ketogenic and modified Atkins diet assessment

These are the most recent survey results

33 votes 

Yes: 68%
No: 32%

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