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Travel Scholarships for persons with epilepsy who walked in DC for epilepsy in 2015

This year, the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group donated several thousands of dollars to the Epilepsy Foundation of NJ, Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut and the Epilepsy Foundation of Northeastern NY.  This donation became the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group Travel Fund that is granted to persons with epilepsy to help with the high costs of traveling to Washington DC (transportation, hotel, food).

The experience of going to DC and marching for epilepsy with thousands of other supporters is hard to explain if you haven't been there and done it.  NEREG wanted to give as many patients as possible the opportunity to participate in this incredible event.  At the time this issue was published, the Epilepsy Foundation of NJ confirmed that 2 New Jersey members were awarded the NEREG Travel Fund. The Epilepsy Foundation of NENY confirmed that 2 families received a travel fund each and the Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut also gave out 3 travel funds.  So, at the end of the day, 7 families were supported in their travel costs to be able to attend the Washington, DC Epilepsy Walk 2015.  

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