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Our epilepsy community has been busy with Walks the first half of 2015

Our patients, doctors and staff have been working steadily to raise epilepsy awareness and support our local foundations through fundraising.  Team NEREG has traveled all over for epilepsy and seizures.  And wonderful team members have joined us from across the country including Maine, Maryland, 

Epilepsy Walks:

Our patients and doctors banded together in Washington, DC, New Jersey and Connecticut.  

On April 11, we Marched for Epilepsy in Washington, DC under the guidance of team captain, Shelby Santucci.  This is the first year that the team was composed of persons with epilepsy, persons with psychogenic non-epileptic seizures, and loved ones.  As has become become our team’s tradition, we had a team dinner the night before and met the following morning very early at the Mall to walk 5K around DC while also seeing all the main monuments.  Our team raised a whopping $6961 and had 23 team members! Our team supported the American Epilepsy Society.

On May 2, 2015, we Walked for a Brighter Tomorrow for epilepsy in New Jersey under the guidance of Urmi Vaidya-Mathur, team captain.  Our team of 4 supported the epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey and raised $800!

On May 9, 2015, we Rode, Ran and Walked for epilepsy under the guidance of team captain, Dr. Olgica Laban-Grant.  Our team supported the Epilepsy Foundation of CT and raised a whopping $975.  


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