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Our epilepsy community has been busy with Walks and Education the second half of 2015

Our patients, doctors and staff have been working steadily to raise epilepsy awareness and support our local foundations through fundraising.  

Team NEREG participated in the Glow Walk and Run in Jersey City to raise funds and awareness for epilepsy and seizures through our NEREG/Epilepsy Life Links booth. NEREG was a major sponsor of the Walk.  Our social worker, Urmi Vaidya-Mathur was not only the NEREG team captain but was also one of the costume parade judges. In October, NEREG held its annual Epilepsy and Psychogenic non-epileptic seizure conference.  There were nearly 200 in attendance.  Our specialists came in and spent all Saturday teaching the public about epilepsy in adults and children (diagnosis, treatments, psychological issues, and legal resources) and psychogenic seizures (What they are, how they can be treated, how to maintain quality of life and safety).  Audience members came from all over NY and NJ and also from as far away as Ohio, upstate NY, and Virginia.  Reviews at the end of the day were so very positive.  We look forward to seeing everyone again next year. Our doctors have also continued providing education through webinars on a monthly basis.  All of these webinars are provided free-of-charge and are available to watch on YouTube.  

November 10
PNES Webinar - Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures: What psychologists need to know

October 25
Glow Walk and Run for epilepsy and seizures

October 03
Annual Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group Conference

September 29
Epilepsy Webinar - Women' s issues in epilepsy

In August, our doctors published in the Epilepsy and Behavior Journal:
Depression and quality of life in Spanish-speaking immigrant persons with epilepsy compared with those in English-speaking US-born persons with epilepsy

Our doctors presented all of the following scientific posters at the 69th Annual American Epilepsy Society Convention in Philadelphia, PA

* American Epilepsy Society Poster
A Health Economic Study of Genetic Testing in Refractory Epilepsy Patients with Non-Specific MRI Findings 

* American Epilepsy Society Poster
Using next generation genetic sequencing in children with treatment resistant epilepsy 

* American Epilepsy Society Poster (Abst. 2314568)
The utility of prolonged exposure therapy (PET) in the treatment of patients who are dually diagnosed with PNES and PTSD 

* American Epilepsy Society Poster (Abst. 2326698)
Naming Assessment of Spanish-speakers with Epilepsy: Preliminary Findings 

* American Epilepsy Society Poster (Abst.2327335)
Incidence and predictors of late onset seizures and epilepsy after subarachnoid hemorrhage 

* American Epilepsy Society Poster
Cognitive Differences between Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizure Patients with and without Alexithymia.  

* American Epilepsy Society Poster
Relative Yield of MEG and EEG spikes in simultaneous recordings 

* American Epilepsy Society Poster
Epilepsy and Reproductive Issues in Women of Hispanic Origin Living in United States 

* American Epilepsy Society Poster (Abst.2328092)
The impact of Lacosamide on cognition, mood and quality of life 

* American Epilepsy Society Poster
Seizure and Epilepsy in Stroke Survivors 

* American Epilepsy Society Poster
Hispanics Born and Raised in the U.S. Show Poor Confrontation Naming: Implications for Interpreting Lateralization 

* American Epilepsy Society Poster (Abst. 2328179)
ADHD and Involvement in Sports and Activities among Children with Epilepsy 

* American Epilepsy Society Poster
Ictal and nonictal patterns in subarachnoid hemorrhage: is it a seizure or is it a vasospasm    

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