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Epilepsy Star Family

The Devisser family has been chosen as this issue's Epilepsy Star Family.  Read on and you will understand why they were nominated and find out about all their ongoing and future projects to raise epilepsy awareness and funds for the Timothy Devisser Scholarship.  

Tell us a little about yourself: where do you live, what do you do?
We live in New City NY.  I work for the Clarkstown School district, my husband is a Retail Store Manager, and our son, David, has his own business and works at a local bowling alley.

How did epilepsy first touch your lives?
Through our son, Timothy.  He had his first seizure sitting at his grandmother's table. After visiting various doctors he was diagnosed as having Epilepsy.

What was it like over the years with Timothy's epilepsy?
It was a challenge, but Timothy was our inspiration.  He would never let it interfere with anything that he was doing.  He was an avid Warhammer 40k player, Pez candy dispenser collector and an environmentalist.  He loved to swim, summer trips to the Jersey shore, loved animals and travel. He received his high school diploma and went on to college at Rockland Community College.  He also started his own Ice Cream truck business, Polar Pops, which he ran with the help of our family.  He also worked with me in setting up several charitable organizations through Hospice and Nyack Hospital.

What happened that you created the Timothy Devisser Scholarship fund that is now available through the Epilepsy Free Foundation?
Timothy passed away 2 weeks before his 21st birthday.  He had just been approved to receive a seizure alert dog prior to his passing. With the help of Dr. Marcelo Lancman the Timothy Devisser scholarship fund was created for adults living with epilepsy who need financial help to continue their college and trade school studies.  Our family helps fund this by donating all money from Polar Pops, fund raisers and donations. The Timothy Devisser Scholarship can be found here:


What awareness and fundraising projects have you worked on that are especially close to your heart?  
With the partnership of the Clarkstown school district we have participated in Purple Day® at Timothy's former schools and the school that I currently work at.  The high school that Timothy attended has a blood donation drive in honor of him.  They currently raise money through November, Epilepsy Awareness Month.  We have also teamed up with Bravelets (bracelets for the brave that can be purchased in purple, the color of epilepsy) to help raise awareness for epilepsy and they contribute a portion of their sales to the scholarship fund. These can be found here:  We also support Canine assistants, they provide service dogs, including seizure alert dogs, to those in need.

What plans do you have for your work in epilepsy for the upcoming year?
What would you like to tell others reading this newsletter article?  We are continuing to spread awareness and educating through our fundraising and through the school system.  We will continue to run the Ice Cream Truck every summer to help fund the Timothy Scholarship Fund.

We would like to tell others that you can have a very active and productive life living with epilepsy. Spread the word of awareness. Continue supporting epilepsy research.


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