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Epilepsy Survey results

Every issue, we feature a survey that has been posted on our homepage and where our visitors have had the chance to show how much they know about epilepsy and seizures.  

Over the last few months we asked our visitors if STATUS EPILEPTICUS (prolonged seizure or repeated seizures without a full recovery in between) is officially defined as lasting 1) beyond 30 minutes, 2) beyond five minutes, 3) beyond one hour.

Answer: The International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) recently defined SE as a seizure lasting beyond five minutes and as a condition that can lead to long term consequences if it continues beyond thirty minutes. If you want to learn much more about status epilepticus, this article is a good place to start (

These are the most recent survey results

70 votes 

Lasting beyond thirty minutes: 23%

Lasting beyond five minutes: 61%

Lasting beyond one hour: 16%

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