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Epilepsy on the Move: Stay Tuned for upcoming epilepsy and seizure disorder events and news in 2017

Stay tuned because there are a ton of epilepsy and seizure disorder events and activities coming up in 2017 including the upcoming International Epilepsy Day in February, our NYC bike-a-thon and Dr. Eric Segal's lecture at the Sturge Weber Conference. 

February 11
International Epilepsy Day: It's never too soon to start preparing for International Epilepsy Day which is coming just days before St. Valentine's Day!  A total of 138 countries participate on this day to raise epilepsy awareness and to highlight the need for increased research into epilepsy.

May 7
Team Epilepsy Free will participate in the five-borough New York City Bike-a-thon that runs through Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and finishes in Staten Island.  The team rides to raise needed funds for Epilepsy Free not-for-profit and to raise awareness about seizure disorders.  

July 27-29
Dr. Eric Segal, pediatric epileptologist and director of pediatric epilepsy in New Jersey (Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group), will be an invited speaker at the Sturge Weber Conference for patients and loved ones in Cincinnati, OH.


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