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Epilepsy Star: Marc Hoberman

Our June 2017 Epilepsy Star is Marc Hoberman.  He is a person living with epilepsy who has become a huge epilepsy advocate in recent years.  He wrote a fantastic memoir called Search and Seizure which we recommend for your future reading material. 

Marc Hoberman interview questions for Epilepsy Star June 2017

How did epilepsy first come into your life, how old were you, how did you first react when you were given the diagnosis and what challenges did you face?

After a stressful move from the age of 16 from Yonkers, New York to Hollywood, Florida, I had a seizure while at the wheel of my newly purchased 1977 Ford Mustang.

Were you inclined to hide your epilepsy and what happened that made you decide to open up about it?  

I hid my illness from friends and relatives for over 34 years! Until I wrote my memoir, fewer than 10 people knew, and three of those people were doctors.

Do you have advice for teens and adults who have been diagnosed with epilepsy?

Yes. The mantra of my book (Search and Seizure) is: "Don't let your struggles define you; YOU define you." Also, you must let people know about your epilepsy. This enables you to build a support system and learn more and help others understand your issues.

Tell us about your book "Search and Seizure". What's it about, and what led you to write and publish it?  How has the book continued to help spread the word?

The book has been and continues to be an incredible journey for me. I started writing it when we thought my son, Craig, was thought to have had a seizure at sleepaway camp. Luckily, it was just dehydration and heat stroke. Years later, when my younger son, Scott, was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) at the age of 15, I realized that I was able to help him out of the depression that followed because of my experiences. As an educator for more than 30 years, I realized immediately that I could help other teens and their parents manage a variety of struggles in their life, and I decided to finish the book. Besides the incredible cathartic effect of putting my story on paper, the inspiration others have gotten from reading and hearing about my story has been a true blessing.

We know that you are very active in the epilepsy community-you had a booth at one of our annual epilepsy conferences in New Jersey---Tell us what you have been up to?

After more than 32 radio and podcast interviews, I have begun to offer presentations at high schools, colleges, parent groups, corporate events and more. "Search and Seizure" is not just a book about epilepsy. It is a book about overcoming adversity. This speaks to people dealing with a host of struggles including gender issues, divorce, illness, bullying, health issues, and more.

What's been your most inspiring or moving moment so far in your journey?

What inspires me is speaking to others who have opened up to me about their struggles. Many say that after reading the memoir or attending one of my presentations, they felt compelled to break their silence about certain things that they had kept secret for years.

What are your plans and hopes for the future?  Any projects in the pipeline?

I am actually finishing my second book, which is about classroom management and the teaching process. I am also expanding my presentations to include any location or venue since the message seems to resonate with a variety of people and audiences. 

Anything else you'd like to say or share with us?

I am honored and grateful that you have decided to include me in your vast list of people who have been the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Star. I want people to know that I have not become the person that I am in spite of my illness. I am who I have become BECAUSE of my illness. I am expanding the online reach of my tutoring business, Grade Success Tutoring, because I have seen that my experiences have enabled me to assist young people to achieve success in school despite any academic or emotional issues they are facing. I would like to offer any of your readers/members a FREE 10-minute demo of my online tutoring platform and/or a brief talk about my memoir and my experiences if they feel it would be of assistance.



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