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New Epilepsy Program: MEG-state of the art diagnostic device- the only one available in NY, NJ, CT

The Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group’ Comprehensive Epilepsy Center located at Overlook Medical Center has just made available the only clinical Magnetoencephalography (MEG) unit in the region (that includes NJ, NY and CT).

The MEG uses highly sensitive sensors to detect and record the magnetic fields associated with electrical activity in the brain. The MEG data is “read” by trained Epilepsy specialists to accurately locate the epileptic focus in the brain. This information is of critical significance when a patient is undergoing a surgical evaluation for the treatment of epilepsy that is not responding to other therapies.

The MEG also provides information about the location of language and motor centers that are needed by the neurosurgeons when operating in order to steer clear of these areas and avoid potential loss of speech or movement. 

As MEG and Functional Brain Mapping Center Medical Director Jeffrey Politsky, MD, FRCP(C) explains, "The goals of our epilepsy group is to provide our patients with the best possible level of care and develop a premier neuroscience center.  We strive to provide the best patient care and be a model for other Epilepsy Centers.  The MEG is now a huge addition to our Level IV epilepsy center at Overlook Hospital and will not only allow us to provide even better care for our own patients with epilepsy or other brain conditions that require brain surgery, but also patients all over the tri-state area who can benefit from the MEG Unit’s advanced diagnostic capabilities."

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