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Epilepsy Free Not-for-profit: the little foundation that could

The purpose of Epilepsy Free is to support people with epilepsy and seizure disorders (including psychogenic non-epileptic seizures) achieve a life with FREEDOM FROM the limitations that EPILEPSY and SEIZURES might bring.  

Epilepsy Free is a small foundation that has as its sole mission to support people living with epilepsy and seizures experience life and grow as much as possible regardless of real life financial limitations that they may have.  With this purpose in mind, Epilepsy Free grants summer camp scholarships for children with epilepsy and continuing education (college and trade school) scholarships to adults living with seizures.  

This year, Epilepsy Free granted five continuing education scholarships for $1000 each to adults who are living with seizures and who are seeking higher education for themselves.  Epilepsy Free can grant scholarships to residents from all fifty US states and does so regularly. As a result, this year recipients of the continuing education scholarships came from: Michigan, New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey.  

Recipients are following their dreams with a variety of studies they are embarking on: physical therapy, civil engineering, nursing, phlebotomy, and psychology.

This year, Epilepsy Free also granted a total of six summer camp scholarships for $400 each to children from New Jersey, Wisconsin, Louisiana, New York, and Mississippi allowing these children to spend part of their summer enjoying the fun of being in a summer camp that is medically prepared for a seizure if it were to occur.  

Epilepsy Free keeps itself going solely through donations from the public. Donations can be given on-line through:  Epilepsy Free is also honored to grant one college or continuing education scholarship per year as part of the Timothy Devisser Fund in honor of his life. To donate directly to Timothy's Fund, go here and click where it says Donate to the Timothy DeVisser Epilepsy Scholarship fund:

Epilepsy Free also has some incredible products that include awareness-raising T-shirts and charms as well as cool purple and lilac wallets and pencil cases.  In exchange for a suggested donation amount, you can receive one of these products and wear proudly all year long:

Epilepsy Free also participates in a couple of bike rides every year (the most recent one was on September 24) and each time, raises money for the foundation through GoFundMe.  Here are pictures of the previous ride in NYC:  And you can see our most recent awesome team that rode along the Jersey shore in this article's picture.

Last but not least, Epilepsy Free supports itself through the 100% donation that Drs. Marcelo Lancman, Olgica Laban, Lorna Myers, and Evan Fertig of the royalties from their books:

What you need to know if epilepsy has touched your life: A guide in plain English (

Que necesitas saber si la epilepsia ha tocado tu vida (

and Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures: A guide (

So, please, if you are looking for a book to learn more about epilepsy or psychogenic non-epileptic seizures, remember that if you purchase one of these books and help support "the little foundation that could"--EPILEPSY FREE!


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