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Epilepsy Survey results: Talk to us and tell us if YouTube® is useful to you in learning about epilepsy and psychogenic seizures.

The guests who visited our website ( told us about how they use (or don't use) YouTube® to learn about their seizures. 

Not all of you may know this, but YouTube® is becoming one of the go-to places for education purposes.  Among the younger generations, it has become one of the most viewed sites (surpassing Facebook).  Some people use this site to learn more about their seizures by watching videos by professionals and videos by patients/family members. There is some ongoing debate as to whether watching YouTube® videos on health topics is helpful or harmful because sometimes the information provided is not always scientifically validated or the reported diagnosis featured on the film may or may not have been confirmed by a doctor.  This survey was not meant to answer those questions but rather to see what people who visit YouTube® for epilepsy or seizure disorder find most helpful. Read more to see what visitors answered.

These are the most recent survey results from homepage to the following question:

On YouTube®, which videos on epilepsy and seizures do you find most helpful? 

Total votes: 362 

- Videos showing a seizure: 97%
- Educational videos by doctors: 2%
- Educational videos by patients: 0%
- I don't use YouTube®: 1%

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