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Epilepsy Medical Alert Bracelets made out of Paracord

Medical alert bracelets don't always have to look the same and people are surely expressing themselves beautifully lately using different materials, shapes, and colors.  For this issue, we are featuring an epilepsy bracelet that caught our eye while perusing through an arts and crafts website.  

Tell us about how you came up with the idea of creating this medical alert bracelets using Paracord?

My name is Ashley Calvert. I am 26 years old and married to an active duty soldier.  The reason behind me getting into making medical alert bracelets was due to losing the use of my arm. A doctor told me to get into a hobby to strengthen my arm back. By making the medical alert bracelets, it gave me my use of my arm back. What started as a hobby turned into a business last year. It helps that it is easy to move when the Army decides to move us.

How did the idea of making bracelets for epilepsy come to you (because you now make bracelets for many other medical conditions too)?

I started by making one for a family member. I posted it in a Facebook group to see what others thought about it. Since there was a lot of interest in them, I ordered more of the medical charms. Since I added them to my shop about 1.5 to 2 years ago it has been my top selling bracelet. I also have a niece and nephew who have epilepsy.

How long have you been creating these bracelets? 

I have been making them for 2 to 3 years now.

Can you add anything to the back (for example, an emergency contact number)?

At this moment I cannot add personal information to the bracelet. Customers who buy them have told me they just like the security of having one on just in case they have a seizure. People around them can know what is happening and more importantly will know not to give them the wrong medication (for example, one of my customers told me her seizure was confused with an an overdose). I am now working on getting an engraver so I can make them even more personal. I should have it at the beginning of the year.

Are they adjustable in size? 

They are custom built to your wrist size itself.  The youngest person I made one for was 5 months old. They are not adjustable. The charm itself is waterproof. Paracord is known to shrink a little. I personally wear one on a daily basis and although it has gotten wet, it never shrunk. I wouldn't suggest a washer and dryer to clean it, but I have had people clean it with a baby wipes or a wet towel.

Are these epilepsy medical alert bracelets popular?

My epilepsy medical alert paracord bracelets are the top selling medical alert bracelet in my shop. They are actually one of the hardest to keep in stock. Because of this, I am always ordering more charms every month or 2 to make sure they don't go out of stock.

How can someone purchase one of your epilepsy alert bracelets?

They would need to go to my website:

The cost of the is 14.00 plus shipping. Shipping cost does depend on where you are located, but if you are in the USA, it is a flat rate of 5.00

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