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Epilepsy Survey results: Test your knowledge by responding to the following question: Epilepsy on-line: what social media do you prefer for epilepsy content?

For this issue we decided to ask our visitors what sort of resources they use when looking for epilepsy content. Visitors were asked to choose between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or other.  It looks like Facebook won out, followed by twitter. And more importantly, it looks like we should have allowed for visitors to write a little note because 35% said they use another on-line source but we don't know which!  Since the largest number of respondents said their go-to site is Facebook, we thought we would mention the two Facebook pages we run ourselves: 

Epilepsy Life Links:

Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures:

These are the most recent survey results:

26 votes 

- Facebook: 46%
- Instagram: 4%
- Twitter: 12%
- Pinterest: 4%
- Other: 35%

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