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In our December issue, we are featuring this product: the Vagus Nerve Stimulator (VNS) Bracelet

With every issue, we aim to highlight products that are involved in seizure safety or are somehow related to epilepsy. In our December issue, we are featuring a bracelet that is used by children to keep their VNS magnet handy while still being stylish and playful.  We asked Denise all about her innovative bracelets that she started making for her own children and which has now become a personal business.  

How did you become interested in producing these very unique epilepsy medical alert bracelets? Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I have two boys with VNS (vagus nerve stimulator) implants for refractory epilepsy. They wanted to have a bracelet with their names on it that was colorful. When I couldn't fine one, I started our journey of making them myself. Having friends with children who also have the VNS implant, I had a few ask me to make their children one too. Eventuality, I realized I could no longer make everyone free bracelets so I started my Etsy shop. I donate 10% of all sales to the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation ( and also grant a special needs child a special package of personalized handmade things each month (as funds allow). Having a child who experienced such devastating effects from seizures, I know how special it is to have something come in the mail just for them when financially the household is often burdened by medical cost.

How does your VNS bracelet work?

The straps work similarly to the plain black ones that come standard with the magnets. We have found through trial and error and feedback that the clips work best and last longer, so I only make them with the buckle clips now. 

How long have you been making these bracelets? Do you find there is a solid market for them in the US? How about overseas?

I only ship in the US, and since I started selling them, a little over a year ago, I average 2-3 orders a month for the bracelets.

Can the bracelet include additional information on the other side (e.g. contact person, or name of medication)?

The bracelets can be customized with a name. I also can do them without a name for those that do not wish to have it. 

Can these bracelets fit all sizes, are they adjustable?  Can they be worn in water? Can they be washed?

I ask for wrist size to give me an idea of the persons wrist to make sure the name fits with the magnet in place. They are very adjustable and comfortable. 

I do not recommend wearing in water or washing them, although my sons have gotten theirs wet and never had a problem.

How can your bracelets be purchased? How much do they cost? 

They can be purchased through my Etsy shop:  The bracelets are $25 for two custom made items.

Thank you for answering all our questions about this very ingenious and necessary product.  


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