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Avoiding Injuries in epilepsy: Safety Place Mat

What is the Safety Place Mat?
The Safety Place Mat is a soft, light-weight, injection-molded durable foam rubber mat. It was designed to protect individuals from head, face and upper body injuries while sitting at tables, desks and other surfaces alike.

How did you come up with the idea of a Safety PlaceMat?
At the age of two, our son Joshua was diagnosed with Epilepsy.  On some of our more challenging days, he would have in excess of 50-60 drop seizures a day. Now eight years old, he has experienced over an estimated 27,000 seizures.  For years, our young son has received numerous injuries to his head and face while sitting at a table when seizures occurred. We designed this place mat to keep him safe during his seizures.

What goals did you have in mind while creating this product?
We wanted to create a product that would not only provide impact protection during a seizure but also assist with containing spills & food drops. For my son, I honestly believe spilling a drink in his lap and having wet pants is more frustrating than the bumps on the head!  Because the Safety Place Mat has been so helpful to my son (and to our entire family) we wanted to share it with others. Having the Safety Place Mat offers us and other families the comfort of knowing that our loved ones are more protected and allows us to sit as a family & have meals together.

How does the Safety PlaceMat work?
The Safety Place Mat is portable and can be used on most surfaces including round edged tables.  Simply lay the Safety Place Mat on the table top in front of the individual wherever they are seated.  For individuals who require additional securing, we offer special tabs to reinforce the mat to the table.     

Is it easy to clean?
The Safety Place Mat is waterproof & easy to clean.  It can even be washed with high temp water (i.e. in a dishwasher).

What other useful features does the Safety PlaceMat have?
Its recessed design is also large enough to accommodate most computer keyboards. It works very well with most hospital / bed side tray tables too. For young children, it offers spill containment and an extra layer of cleanliness when dining.
Who would use this product?
People of any age whose lives have been touched by seizures, Epilepsy, Autism, Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy and many other special needs. 
How was the Safety PlaceMat tested?
It has undergone a variety of testing by two independent laboratories. Our family however has administered the toughest tests by far as it is used day in and day out at home, in school and much more! 
How much does it cost?
$45.00 US Dollars + S & H – Right now we are offering a 5% Charter discount.  Additional discounts apply to orders where 3 or more Safety Place Mats are being purchased.  
Where can it be purchased?
The Safety Place Mat is truly a one of a kind product and can only be purchased directly from us at or by contacting us directly at 1-904-993-2157.  

How many have you sold and generally where have they been shipped to (US, Europe, Latin America, etc)?
Our product is being used by individuals, families, in rehab centers, hospitals, assisted living centers, schools and more.  A majority of our customers are located in the US, Canada & Europe.  
Where do profits of the Safety PlaceMat go?
5 % of all sales go to the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida.  Additional percentages are donated to various non-profits depending on the organization that is promoting the Safety Place Mat.

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