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This issue’s highlight product: Epilepsy beanies

This issue's highlight product: Epilepsy beanies to wear and raise awareness all around town.  Read the article to learn more about how they were first created and how you could purchase one for yourself. 

Epilepsy Awareness Beanie

I designed the hat originally for breast cancer awareness and participated in Tampa's annual walk, the hat was pink. Then a couple of years ago I started to have seizures and that's when I remade the hat in the epilepsy purple. These years have not been easy and have had many ups and downs. This hat reminds me that I am not the only one going through something similar to my situation. This year I have made significant progress and have not had as many.

It's made with acrylic yarn which is really soft and will fit an adult male or female head. I embroidered each of the 4 ribbons in white acrylic yarn to make them pop. If you would like a custom size just message me and I can make it from an infant size to a large adult male. 

I can also add a bobble to the top of it if that's what you would like.

I do ship my product to all 50 states. I haven't shipped anything oversees yet but I can. This hat is made to order and I have only sold a few. Those that do have one either have epilepsy or have a family member who does. This hat will take me about a week to make since it's hand knitted and I embroider each ribbon. The time frame also depends on the size, I can make the hat smaller or larger. I do have a full time job and have 3 horses so knitting is what I do in my spare time. I have created so many items that I decided to start selling them.

I do standard shipping and will alert the customer that I have shipped it and will send them the tracking number. I sell through Etsy and I have had people reach out to me through Instagram @hoofprintknits to buy something and then they can pay through PayPal.

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