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Epilepsy Survey results: Have you ever felt discriminated against because you have epilepsy?

For this issue, we asked an important question: have you ever felt discriminated against because you have epilepsy or seizures?  Discrimination and stigma associated to epilepsy have unfortunately existed for centuries.  These can have major effects on a person's self-esteem, mood and quality of life.  Although there has been tremendous work done to raise the public's understanding of epilepsy, it is important to check how we are doing.  

We included a third response of "Not sure" because sometimes you may sense that you are being treated differently but may not have any solid proof of this. Responses indicated that a majority have felt at some point discriminated against because of their epilepsy or seizures.  Knowing this, shows us that we need to continue in our efforts to educate the public because those with epilepsy are still being made uncomfortable simply because of their health condition, which is unacceptable.

Yes: 67%

No: 27%

Not sure: 7%

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