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Epilepsy Survey results: Have you been keeping your appointments with your doctors through telemedicine?

For this issue, because of the many changes brought about by Covid-19, we wondered how many of our website visitors had switched over to telemedicine in order to keep in touch with their health professionals.  Our survey question was:

Since most doctors' offices are closed due to COVID-19, have you switched to telemedicine (having your appointment on-line with your doctor or nurse)?  Yes or No

There is much to lament as a result of the Covid-19 virus, first and foremost, the many, many lives lost in such few months. However, there have been important resources that were available to us in this day and age for which we can be grateful. Case in point, technology has helped us keep in touch with friends and family and even connected with our doctors.  Until this pandemic, a computer or phone-based medical appointment was discouraged by health insurances and often reimbursed at a lower fee, if at all.  But, precisely because social distancing was so strongly recommended and because the risk to patients' health was so great if they came to a crowded medical office waiting room or on the other hand, if they stayed away from their doctors' offices for fear of the virus, changes were made in what seemed like overnight. 

The numbers below show that over 80% of our webpage visitors switched to telemedicine because of this virus.  In our next issue, we will examine how people have felt about these telemedicine appointments and whether they would like for this to continue as an option.  

Yes: 81%
No: 19%

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