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Epilepsy Walks, blogs, fundraisers: our patients and NEREG have been busy

NEREG staff members: Kim Potts and Bridget Santucci were invited to join the organizing committee for the 2012 Stroll for Epilepsy-epilepsy Foundation of Northeastern NY.

Team NEREG has been preparing for several months for the Washington, DC Epilepsy Walk on March 31.  Fundraising and team member recruitment has been our main goal.  We are thrilled that staff members and patients are going to be walking shoulder to shoulder as a team. 

We thank our own Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group for having made this just a bit easier for patients needing help to get to DC by donating travel funds to the Epilepsy Foundations of New Jersey, Connecticut and Northeastern NY. 

Dr. Olgica Laban-Grant opened an office in Stamford, Connecticut where women with epilepsy will have a specialty clinic.

Drs. Marcelo Lancman, Olga Laban-Grant, and Stephanie Berry opened an office in Fishkill, NY where patients with epilepsy of all ages can be treated close to home.

Drs. Bailey, Lebeau, Trobliger, Bonafina and Myers have been actively blogging on epilepsy resources, epilepsy and memory, epilepsy in Latino patients, and psychogenic non epileptic seizures.

Our Epilepsy Life Links Facebook page surpassed 750 “likes!”

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