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Epilepsy Survey results: Do you have a Seizure Response Plan for school or work?

For our June issue, we asked our website ( visitors whether they have a seizure response plan for school or work.  We were a bit surprised when we saw that none of the respondents had a seizure response plan.  Read on to learn about a seizure response plan and why it is important to have one. 

What is a Seizure Response Plan (SRP) or Seizure Action Plan (SAP)?  It is a document with important information on the individual's epilepsy or seizure disorder that is put together by the patient/family members and the medical team. It provides detailed health and medical information about an adult or child patient and his/her epilepsy or seizure disorder and on how exactly to respond when that person is experiencing a seizure. It may mention how to recognize a seizure, seizure triggers to avoid, medications, first aid in the event of a seizure, and ways to tell whether the seizure represents an emergency (call 911) or not.

In school, teachers, nurses, and coaches, for example, are provided with an SRP so they know what to do in the event of a seizure. In adults, this may be needed at work or other settings in which the patient spends time. 

Read more about SRPs and find a sample of an SRP here:

Do you have a Seizure Response Plan for school or work?


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No: 100%


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