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Epilepsy Survey results: What are your plans regarding the COVID-19 vaccine?

Merriam-Webster's 2021 word of the year is "vaccine" because such a massive number of searches were run on this word this year. Because Covid-19 vaccines continue to be such a hot topic, we did not discontinue our COVID-19 vaccine survey this quarter. We asked if our website visitors ( were a) planning on getting the vaccine or had already received it, b) Did not plan to get one, c) had not decided yet one way or the other.  Results continue to show that almost three fourths of respondents were already vaccinated or are planning on being vaccinated.  Fifteen percent of respondents stated that they are not planning on being vaccinated.  This number remains unchanged despite public education campaigns, celebrity endorsements, vaccine mandates, etc.  It is unclear what the newest strains (i.e., Omicron) will mean for current vaccine campaigns and it is fortunate that some pharmaceuticals are also working hard to produce effective treatments for Covid-19.  Perhaps we will know more by our next issue.

I will get one / I got one: 73%

I do not plan to get one: 15%

I haven't made up my mind yet: 13%

To read more about the COVID-19 vaccines and epilepsy, swing by this article:


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