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Epilepsy Survey results: Do you own a seizure-alerting dog?

Survey: For this issue, we asked our visitors to tell us about seizure-alerting dogs (do they have one, did they know this was even something that existed?)

It looks like out of 57 responses, only a minority have a seizure-alerting dog (9%) and almost 20% did not know that dogs even exist.  

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, you might want to watch the Netflix series, DOGS. One episode features Corrine Gogolewski who has epilepsy and has a service dog helping her and her family with her seizures.  It also features the foundation 4 Paws for Ability (

Do you own a seizure-alerting dog?

Yes: 9%
No: 72%
Didn't know dogs could do that: 19%



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