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Epilepsy Star: Josie Martinez: Author of Lucky feels Fuzzy and epilepsy Warrior

Epilepsy Star: the Epilepsy Star featured in our June 2022 issue is Josie Martinez, author of a children's book and epilepsy warrior.  Josie Martinez recently published her book Lucky Feels Fuzzy which is a wonderful book for children in which the main character, a little kitten with epilepsy has an aura and tries to describe it to his parents and then tries to manage it in different ways.

Tell us about "Lucky feels Fuzzy," what's it about, children of what ages is it meant for, is it based on a personal experience?

Lucky Feels Fuzzy is about a kitten describing an aura. He is feeling fuzzy and is getting comfort from his parents. They're doing their best to make him feel better, which he does. Ideally the book is for children of ages 6-10 but it can help anyone. The book is based on an experience I had myself, it is a narrative that came to me out of the blue. I'm sure there is someone out there who would have experienced a similar event.

Tell us about what led you to write this children's book "Lucky feels Fuzzy"

The inspirations for the book came from me always wanting my own children's book. I've always loved to read. It's been my go-to pastime since I was a little girl. I decided to write 'Lucky Feels Fuzzy' since I know it's not easy to describe how we feel when it comes to our symptoms. It's difficult enough for children to express how they feel, so I made the book as simple as I could to understand.

What can you tell us about your personal experience with epilepsy and seizures and would having a book like this have been helpful when you were growing up? 

My seizures started when I was 16 years old out of nowhere. I have temporal focal seizures since I have a scar in my right temporal lobe. When my seizures first started, I would black out and have no recollection of what had happened. They would happen while I was sleeping. Gradually over the years my seizures started changing, I would be conscious during an episode. Having this book when I was first diagnosed would've made my journey much easier. I had no idea what epilepsy was.

Have you been reading or exhibiting your book online or in-person? Where can the book be purchased? Do you think it might be helpful to have your book available at epilepsy programs (outpatient offices and on inpatient units)?

I have been exhibiting the book online for the most part. One day I would love to start reading the book to people. I would love it if one day it can be available for patients in epilepsy programs everywhere. I know they would definitely benefit from 'Lucky Feels Fuzzy'. Right now, the book can be purchased on Amazon and online on Barnes & Noble.

Have you been active in other epilepsy awareness activities?

I haven't been active in epilepsy awareness activities as much as I would like to be. I did make an Instagram account when the pandemic started to find others with epilepsy. This made me start posting about my journey and meeting other epileptic warriors from all over the world. I would love to start going to events to bring more awareness to epilepsy and eventually start my own fundraiser.

I would one day love to become an epilepsy advocate. I would love to help others with their epilepsy journey and their mental health. Dealing with epilepsy is mentally challenging when it first starts and throughout our whole treatment. I would love to help those who are discriminated against because of epilepsy as well. I am also working on the sequel to Lucky's book, Lucky's First EEG.  

Follow Josie on Instagram @joseanniewrites

Where can our readers purchase your book?

Barnes and Noble:


Thank you so much Josie for all you are doing and plan to do for children living with epilepsy.

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