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Epilepsy Survey results: Do you use a seizure detection and prediction device: yes, no, never heard of that.

Survey: For this issue, we asked our visitors to tell us whether they use a seizure detection and prediction device for added safety.

Do you use a seizure detection or prediction device?

Yes: 8%

No: 53%

Never heard of that: 39%

Recently, a growing number of electronic and mechanical devices are being marketed as a safeguard for patients with seizures and epilepsy. These products reportedly monitor and recognize rhythmic movements or detect changes in heart rate which can occur during a seizure. In theory they could lower the chance of SUDEP by reducing the response time in which medical care is administered. 

Although these devices have been in existence now for several years, it is surprising to see that only 8% of our respondents use a seizure detection or prediction device and a whopping 39% never even heard of them.  If you are interested in learning more about the many products that have been invented and marketed in recent years to promote safety for those living with seizures, please click here (Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group does not endorse any one in particular, this is simply informational):


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