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Epilepsy Star: Dr. Pavel Klein

The Epilepsy Star featured in our September 2022 issue is Dr. Pavel Klein, Director of the Mid-Atlantic Epilepsy and Sleep Center (MAESC) and Co-director of Research at the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group and MAESC.. Dr. Klein has dedicated most of his professional career to fighting epilepsy and seizures through his clinical work, research initiatives and teaching.  For these reasons, he is being granted the Epilepsy Star award for September!

Dr. Pavel Klein is the Director of the Mid-Atlantic Epilepsy and Sleep Center (MAESC) in Bethesda, MD, co-director of research at a MAESC and at the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group (NEREG), and Clinical Professor in the Department of Neurology at George Washington University in Washington, DC.

Dr. Klein completed his medical degree at the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, UK, neurology residency and epilepsy fellowship at the University of Virginia, and neuroendocrinology and sleep fellowships at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School. He was the director of the epilepsy program at Georgetown University until 2003 when he founded a private epilepsy center, the Mid-Atlantic Epilepsy and Sleep Center where he has been the director since then.

Dr. Klein's clinical research includes novel treatments of epilepsy, prevention of epilepsy after traumatic brain injury, dietary treatments of epilepsy in adults, the effect of sex and stress hormones on epilepsy, and women with epilepsy. He has received research grants from the National Institutes of Health, CURE/Department of Defense, and the American Epilepsy Society, as well as investigator-initiated study grants from several pharmaceutical companies. He has authored more than 70 peer-reviewed articles. He is a co-founder and CEO of a biotech start up, PrevEp Inc, which is developing treatments to prevent epilepsy after acquired CNS injury.

Dr. Klein's achievements over his professional lifetime are so extensive that we would need several pages to display all of them, but just some that are being highlighted in this article:

* Co-organizer, NIH workshop: Biomarkers of epileptogenesis. 

* Invited Speaker, 5th Global Symposium on Ketogenic Therapies for Neurological Disorders, Banff, Canada   

* Keynote Speaker, Epilepsy Summit, Mexico

* Invited Speaker, NIH workshop: Anti-Epileptogenesis and Disease Modification Workshop, Bethesda, MD. 

* Invited speaker, 6th Global Symposium on Ketogenic Therapies for Neurological Disorders, Jeju, Korea

* Keynote speaker, India Epilepsy Society annual meeting, India

* Co-organizer, Invited speaker, NIH workshop: Post-traumatic epilepsy: Models, common data elements and optimization

* Chair, Corporate Advisory Committee, American Epilepsy Society

* Co-founder and Co-Chair, Consortium of Private Epilepsy Centers of North America

* Member, Executive Committee, The Epilepsy Consortium

We welcome Dr. Pavel Klein as the new co-director of research at NEREG and congratulate him for all his important work.


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