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Epilepsy Survey results: Have you ever attended an epilepsy support group (in-person or virtually)? Yes, no, never hear of that.

Survey: For this issue, we asked our visitors to tell us whether they had ever attended an epilepsy support group (in-person or virtually). Support groups can be useful to patients and loved ones because they offer a time and place to meet others who truly understand what it is like to live with a certain health issue or illness.  These groups can offer emotional support and foster a sense of not being alone. Of course, support groups may not be right for everyone-some people prefer a one-on-one approach.

Almost one third of our visitors reported having attended an epilepsy support group (either in-person or virtually). And only a very small number of respondents said thay had never heard about this concept.

Yes: 28%

No: 66%

I don't know what that is: 6%


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