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How much do you know about epilepsy: How many people have epilepsy worldwide?

For the last three months we asked everyone who visited our website to take this survey.  The results are in now and it looks like many of the respondents knew the right answer but many others underestimated how many have epilepsy worldwide. If you read on, you'll learn more about the right answer.

Approximately how many people have epilepsy worldwide?

a) 1 million
b) 25 million
c) 60 million

Correct Answer: C

75 votes had come in by the time this issue was written up. 
1 million: 12%
25 million: 47%
60million: 41%

In fact, the 2012 Institute of Medicine report on epilepsy stated that more than 65 million have epilepsy worldwide and 2.2. million have epilepsy in the US alone. 

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