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Safety in epilepsy: Potential seizure detection device

Recently, a growing number of electronic and mechanical devices are being marketed as a safeguard for patients with seizures and Epilepsy. These products reportedly monitor and recognize rhythmic movements or detect changes in heart rate which can occur during a seizure. In theory they could lower the chance of SUDEP by reducing the response time in which medical care is administered. It is important to note that our medical group does not endorse any of these devices in particular. There is no specific reason as to why the Smart Watch product is being presented other than to share this information for educational purposes only.

What is the SmartWatch?
SmartWatch is an “intelligent motion monitoring and alerting wristwatch.” With patented, miniaturized technology and sophisticated algorithms, the SmartWatch recognizes patterns of repetitive shaking and jerking movements and issues text and phone call alerts to family members’ cell phones within seconds. SmartWatch users can also summon help with a simple push of a button. In addition, SmartWatch automatically records these unusual movements and generates reports, which can be securely accessed for later review by your doctor.

How does the SmartWatch work and does it require any other equipment?
When SmartWatch detects patterns of sustained shaking movements, it determines that this is an alertable event.

SmartWatch works in conjunction with an Android phone within a 5 - 10-foot radius (example in pockets, purses, backpacks or in the same room as the user wearing the SmartWatch etc.). When the SmartWatch detects alertable movement, it wirelessly signals the user’s Android phone that then automatically sends a text and calls a family member’s phone, within seconds. The family member’s phone, which receives the alerts, can be anywhere. Coming soon: The messages will include the type and time of the event and GPS location information.

What kind of person is the ideal candidate to wear the SmartWatch?
SmartWatch monitors movement and recognizes patterns of repetitive shaking and jerking movements, which may be similar to those associated with tonic-clonic or grand mal seizures.  The SmartWatch can also be used to enhance personal safety. With a simple push of a button, users can signal the need for help and summon assistance. However, Smart Monitor makes no claims regarding its ability or efficacy for detecting seizures. SmartWatch does not detect, prevent, predict or treat seizures or any other kind of medical condition.

When can it be worn and is it waterproof?
SmartWatch can be worn continuously: in and out of bed, during sleeping and waking hours, in homes and outside as the users go about their normal day to day activities. SmartWatch is water-resistant, which means, like most electronics, it cannot be submerged in water but it can be worn in the shower.

What privacy functions does the SmartWatch have to keep the stored information private?
SmartMonitor complies with all HIPAA regulations.  First, all SmartWatch users are given a random numeric User ID; event reports are stored based on these completely anonymous User IDs. No patient identification information – names, addresses, and phone numbers are stored. Second, all electronic information is protected by HIPAA compliant, secure access mechanisms.

How quickly does the watch pick up a seizure and transmit the message?
The SmartWatch triggers an alert after a customizable number of seconds (to ensure that it alerts only outside the spectrum of normal movements).  Once the alert occurs it only takes only a few seconds to send the message to the family member’s phone.  Please note - we make no claims that the SmartWatch detects seizures.

If the SmartWatch sends out an incorrect alert can it be cancelled?
If the alert was inadvertently triggered, the user can cancel it with a simple push of a button.

Is there a way to send for help with the SmartWatch in the case of an emergency that doesn’t trigger the watch?
Yes, there is a HELP button on the SmartWatch that can be pressed if the user needs to notify a family member. 

How was the SmartWatch founded?
The company began in 2008 with requests from concerned parents that needed a way to monitor their child’s repetitive shaking movements that may be similar to those caused by seizures.
After in-depth research with families and clinicians, the need for a compact, portable, non-invasive solution that can be used by adults and children alike became even more evident.  Smart Monitor developed and patented miniaturized technology that could fit in a wristwatch device.   After years of development, clinical studies, testing and fine-tuning, the SmartWatch™ is now available for sale in the US.

How has this product been tested?
The SmartWatch has been validated via clinical studies at leading medical institutions such as Stanford University and University of California San Francisco.  The studies have been conducted with adult and pediatric patients. Additionally the device has been tested for daily continuous use via in-home patient (adult and children) tests. The SmartWatch has performed with very high sensitivity and specificity.

How can the SmartWatch be purchased?
The SmartWatch is available through Smart Monitor by calling 1.888.334.5045 today!

What is the cost of the SmartWatch?
We would first like to make sure the SmartWatch will meet the needs of the user and their family. Please call 1.888.334.5045 for details and pricing information.

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