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Stay Tuned for upcoming events in epilepsy in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and internationally

1) Epilepsy Education for patients and loved ones:

Our doctors continue to donate their weekends working together with the local Epilepsy Foundations to promote epilepsy education and awareness as part of our Epilepsy: Knowledge is Power campaign.
Check out dates and locations to see which is closest to you:
September 15, 2012-Hackensack, NJ
September 22, 2012-Jersey City, NJ
September 22, 2012-Stamford: Connecticut
September 29, 2012-New Brunswick, NJ
October 4-Putnam Hospital-NY epilepsy dinner
October 17-Fishkill, NY
October 20-Nyack, NY
November 3-White Plains, NY
November 3-Manhattan, NY with simultaneous programs in Spanish and English
November 3-Summit, NJ
November 10-Middletown, NY
November 16-All day program: Epilepsy Syndromes in children-Hackensack, NJ

These are some of the topics that will be talked about:
Epilepsy diagnosis and treatment options: new and newer
Epilepsy treatment in Men and Women: they are not the same
Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) and safety devices (in existence and those being researched).
Epilepsy surgery: current and future possibilities
Epilepsy in Children: A parent’s guide
Memory treatment program for persons with epilepsy
Epilepsy in the elderly: why is it different?
Epilepsy and autism
Social Security Benefits for epilepsy
We will be collaborating with these four epilepsy foundations, society, and advocacy group:
Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey-Resources for persons with epilepsy
Epilepsy resources and services - Epilepsy Foundation of CT
Local resources for your epilepsy - Epilepsy Society of Southern NY
Epilepsy Lifelinks-Advocacy branch of the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group

2) Epilepsy Education for Professionals
On July 9-13, 2012 Dr. Marcela Bonafina is travelling to Puebla, Mexico where she will provide a four day intensive educational program on neuropsychology in Spanish to Master’s level students and professors at the Universidad de Puebla.

On August 1, 2012 Drs. Marcelo Lancman, Marcela Bonafina and Lorna Myers will travel to Pereira, Colombia to offer a total of 7 presentations on epilepsy diagnosis and surgery, neuropsychology in epilepsy, and psychogenic seizures at the XV National Congress and II Encuentro Andino.

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