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Safety in epilepsy: medication reminder alarm

Remembering to take your anti-epileptic medications on time, every day and at different times of the day can be especially hard when you have memory problems.  Unfortunately, memory problems and epilepsy go hand in hand very often.  Forgetting a dose of your anti-epilepsy medication can be very serious. This is one of the main reasons for break-through epileptic seizures.   And one seizure is one seizure too many because of the risks each seizure carries. In this issue we are featuring a new medical technology product that has been designed to help you remember to take your medications on time. 

What is the e-pill Multi Alarm PLUS:
It is a pillbox that organizes all your daily pills. The box is set up with an alarm that can ring up to 37 times per day as a reminder to take your pills. If epilepsy medications are taken at different times of the day, these can be organized in this product and reminder alarms ring at the programed times. 

How does this product work:
There is a pill tray which slides out and contains 7 compartments. Each compartment can hold up to 18 aspirin sized tablets. To set the alarm, you simply slide a switch. The alarm will now be set up to repeat daily and can ring up to 37 times a day from 6am-12am with a switch for every hour and half hour. Therefore it can be set for 6am, 6:30am, 7am etc…
Once the alarm rings it will sound for 10 second intervals on and off for up to 4 minutes if the STOP button is not pressed. If the medication has not been taken when the alarm sounds, a missed pill message will flash on the display.

Special features of the e-pill Multi Alarm PLUS:
1) The alarm doesn’t need to be reset because it automatically resets every night at midnight. 2) The pill tray is easy to open and the display is easy to read. 3) It has a missed pill indicator.

The size of the e-pill Multi Alarm PLUS is 6 1/4" x 2 1/8" x 1" and weighs 5 oz.
The pill tray slides out and has 7 compartments. Each compartment holds 18 aspirin sized tablets. The product has a one-year battery life using 2 x AAA batteries (which are included with purchase).

Where has this product been featured and reviewed:
The e-pill Multi Alarm PLUS has been featured by Dr. OZ and is member tested & recommended by the National Health & Wellness Club.

Other versions of the e-pill Multi Alarm PLUS:
The pill box is available in children’s versions as well as smaller versions: the e-pill 37 AlarmMulti-Alarm POCKET XL and the 37 Alarm Multi-Alarm HOME that fits on a home refrigerator.

How to Purchase the e-pill Multi Alarm PLUS:
The e-pill Multi Alarm PLUS is available through e-pill Medication Reminders at or by calling (800) 549-0095

As always, the only purpose of presenting this product in our newsletter is for our readers’ information and education. We have no connection with this product or firm.   

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