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Featured Program: The New Jersey and New York Epilepsy Diet Program at the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group

The Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group is now offering a comprehensive diet therapy program focusing on three diets that have been shown to help patients suffering from epileptic seizures. 

While these diets aren’t medications, they are all treated as one.  The Ketogenic Diet, The Modified Atkins Diet, and The Low Glycemic Treatment are all very high fat, very low carbohydrate diets.  Though there are small differences among them, the goal of each is the same; to promote ketosis and help reduce epileptic seizures.  All three options can be suitable for both children and adults with epilepsy. 

The epilepsy diet program at the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group is designed to give families and patients a treatment option that is slightly outside the box.  Each patient that is admitted to the program meets with the staff dietitian, social worker, and neurologist specialized in epilepsy to determine the best diet option for him/her.  Comprehensive diet education as well as handouts and meal plans (when applicable) are provided.  In addition all patients are followed up regularly in the office and have readily available support whenever needed via email and telephone calls.   

The Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group diet team includes Dr. Eric Segal (pediatric epileptologist), Dr. Enrique Feoli (adult epileptologist), Angela Samuels RD (registered dietician), and Urmi Vaidya-Mathur, LSCW (social worker). 
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