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Stay Tuned for upcoming events in epilepsy in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut

Epilepsy Conferences for patients and loved ones will be held on the following dates and places

As part of the Epilepsy: Knowledge is Power campaign that the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group is leading all year long, a total of 11 free epilepsy conferences for patients and loved ones will be held in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut on September 22 (two conferences), September 29 and October 4, 17, 20 and November 3 (3 conferences), 10, 16.

These are some of the topics that will be presented at the conferences:
Epilepsy diagnosis and treatment options: new and newer
Epilepsy treatment in Men and Women: they are not the same
Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) and safety devices (in existence and those being researched).
Epilepsy surgery: current and future possibilities
Epilepsy in Children: A parent’s guide
Memory treatment program for persons with epilepsy
Epilepsy in the elderly: why is it different?
Epilepsy and autism
Social Security Benefits for epilepsy
We will be working closely with these four epilepsy foundations, epilepsy society, and epilepsy advocacy group:
Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey-Resources for persons with epilepsy
Epilepsy resources and services - Epilepsy Foundation of CT
Local resources for your epilepsy - Epilepsy Society of Southern NY
Local and on-line resources for Epilepsy in New York City-Epilepsy Lifelinks-Advocacy branch of the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group

These are the cities in which these conferences will take place:
New Jersey: Hackensack, Jersey City, New Brunswick, Summit
New York: Carmel, Fishkill, Nyack, White Plains, Manhattan, Middletown,
Connecticut: Stamford

Register on-line at or call 201-343-6676 or 914-429-9213.

Walk for a Brighter Tomorrow on October 7
Team Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group led by Dr. Enrique Feoli, will Walk for a Brighter Tomorrow in Epilepsy at Edison Park, New Jersey.  Team membership goal is 20 members and fundraising goal is $2000!  Help us reach both goals please!

Wellness Program (to register, sign up with the office secretary):
Purple Knitting Club for Epilepsy Awareness:
September 20 in Middletown, NY and November 7 in White Plains, NY: calling our patients and family members to sign up and start knitting purple galore to wear in November for epilepsy awareness.  All supplies are provided.  Hackensack, NJ knitting club is running indefinitely because club members enjoyed this activity so much!

Art and Psychology: How they combine to promote health and self-understanding:
October 10: Dr. Hahner, psychologist, artist and stand up comedian will teach a course on art and psychology.  All artistically inclined patients are invited to sign up.

Yoga and epilepsy:
October 17: yoga classes for beginners with epilepsy is being offered in our Manhattan office.

Safe Mat Pilates for epilepsy:
November 3: those who attend the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group’s Manhattan conference are invited to stay and learn safe mat pilates exercises demonstrated by certified personal trainer, Renata joy. 

Epilepsy awareness-November
Don’t forget to start preparing early for Epilepsy Awareness Month-November.  Have your purple clothes and nail polish picked out, have your epilepsy information ready to share, and be prepared to raise everyone’s awareness of epilepsy all month long.

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