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Our patients and NEREG have been busy in the first quarter of 2011

1) EPILEPSY WALKS are excellent ways to raise funds for epilepsy.  Walks also raise awareness when hundreds of people band together to walk through a public area. And most importantly, being part of a team is a major thrill.  Our team members are our patients, our doctors and office staff.

On March 27, 2011, the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group is walking with thousands of others from all over the country in Washington, DC to raise epilepsy awareness and funds for research and services.
National Epilepsy Walk 
Where: National Mall in Washington, DC
When: March 27, 2011 at 10AM
Click here to join the team and/or donate

We are also the Platinum Sponsors of the two Walks for a Brighter Tomorrow organized by the Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey (EFNJ) and the Lunch Sponsors for the Stroll for Epilepsy organized by the Epilepsy Foundation of Northeastern New York (EFNENY) this year. 

Two of our staff members, Kim Potts and Dr. Lorna Myers are donating their time to be on the Stroll for Epilepsy (EFNENY) Organizing Committee.  We really appreciate the work they are putting into this.

the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group is setting up its booth on March 27, 2011 at the Expo Tent at the National Epilepsy Walk in Washington, DC!  The plan: to hand out as much information as possible on epilepsy treatment programs, social supports and services in the Northeast.

a) National Epilepsy Walk
Thousands raising money to fight stigma, raise awareness and find a cure for epilepsy
Where: National Mall in Washington, DC
When: March 27, 2011 at 10AM

3) EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCES for patients: Our best ally is a well-educated patient and caretaker. Two patient conferences took place in January and March of this year and we have many more planned.
Check out the pictures of the speakers. Remember, all the lectures are available on our website under the Events tab for you to print out if you are interested in one of the topics.

a. Enhacing Life through Epilepsy Education and Knowledge took place at Jersey City Medical Center on 355 Grand Street, Jersey City on January 29
Simultaneous conferences were given in English and Spanish on Epilepsy medications and surgery, treatment for memory problems, depression and anxiety in epilepsy, social services, and disability benefits for epilepsy.

b. Epilepsy: Taking Control took place at the Hilton Garden Inn in NANUET, NY on
March 12th in English and Spanish. Speakers included epileptologists, neuropsychologists, an attorney specialized in disability law, and epilepsy advocates

Purple Day The Anita Kaufman Foundation (The Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group is a proud PURPLE SUPPORTER):
March 13, 2011
3-5 PM

5) "Illuminations Campaign"
Starting November of 2010, we asked all of you: How do you shed light on your epilepsy?
If you express your feelings through the arts, we invited you to share them with us and as promised, we showcase your artwork in a prominent area of our website.  We received some amazing submissions including poetry and stage design.  Keep your artwork coming!

6) SUPPORT GROUPS: Our epilepsy support groups are up and running until June 2011 (when the summer break starts). Patients and their family are encouraged to attend; these groups give a real sense of community and also give patients a chance to hear mini-lectures on epilepsy topics throughout the year. There are many locations to choose from.  This year, we added two new groups in Manhattan in English and Spanish and two new groups in Overlook Hospital in New Jersey.  There are groups for teens, adults, veterans and in Spanish.

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