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Shining Epilepsy Star - Cynthia Fabian, author

1) What makes epilepsy personal to you?

I have had epilepsy since childhood and Tonic Clonic seizures since puberty. I was able to control my seizures with a great medication and my life just turned around and I became a teacher of English.

2) How did you come by the idea of writing this book about epilepsy and seizures for children? 

As a teacher of English I had many children in my classes that used to stare, other teachers used to yell at them for playing around, but I was able to see that certain children were actually having seizures. 

There needed to be a book for early childhood that would begin to teach children about differences and to spark questions about epilepsy. It is a topic that people often fear and something, if left to the untrained eye, can go unnoticed for a long time.

3) Do you know what impact your books have had on the lives of people who have epilepsy? Any personal stories? Any particular schools where the book has been added to the library?

School nurses and teachers and students have written me letters on my website. It is a great feeling to know you are helping to educate others. Also, parents who need a way of explaining epilepsy to their children use this book to peak their interest. The rest can be explained on an as needed basis as the child's maturity level rises.

4) How has becoming an epilepsy advocate and published author changed you?

Having epilepsy used to be all about me, but having been controlled for so long, I forgot the countless people that suffer each day. Some were not lucky to find the right medication combination, I want to help those people. I found that I was not doing as much as I could and as I sold each book, I donated a dollar to one epilepsy charity. They were small donations, but I know that every little bit helps.

5) What are your future plans?

I have just published a book entitled; Can't and Able. Can't and Able is about two stars that have growing pains. One star is having difficulty shining and well, he needs to find acceptance. He learns that he never needed to find acceptance, that it was as close as his own universal backyard. There are elements of bullying, finding the ability to believe in oneself, friendship and finding forgiveness. In addition, Can't who eventually even gets a name change, finds his place in this great universe that abounds us.

6) Where can people purchase your book and stay in touch with you?

or simply write to and request a copy on the first page of my site. Free shipping on my website.

With every purchase of book at the price of 12.50 one dollar will be donated to the Epilepsy charity of your choice.

PS. If you would like to meet Cynthia, she will be available at a booth with her books at our Hackensack University Medical Center epilepsy conferences on May 11 and November 8. She will also be at our epilepsy conference with her books in Manhattan, NY on November 9, 2013.  

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