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Epilepsy Survey - Should you put something in the mouth of someone who is having a seizure?

The right answer is: No. You should never put something in the mouth of someone having a seizure.

At the time the voting closed, we had 137 votes 

89% answered no

11% answered yes

Nearly 120 people knew the right answer which is fantastic but we still need to keep educating the general public in order to avoid injuries to the person who is having the seizure and also to the person trying to help. There are several dangers in putting something into someone’s mouth when they are having a seizure: teeth can be broken and there is a risk of choking on the object itself. If someone puts their fingers into the mouth, they risk losing them. Rest assured that no one can possibly swallow their tongue and the best action to take is to keep the person safe by removing objects that might be hit against, attempt to keep the mouth clear and the person on their side if possible. Please share this little article to educate as many people as you can and hopefully we will finally make this myth disappear once and for all. 

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