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Epilepsy Wellness Program in New York and New Jersey

Spring into our Spring Epilepsy Wellness Program with the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group!

This spring the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group is excited to launch a variety of wellness activities geared to bringing our epilepsy community members together in a series of healthy and fun activities. We have gathered professionals in several arenas of wellness to come and instruct various ways to get moving, be creative and grow personally. This year’s program will take place in many of our different offices in Manhattan, White Plains, and Staten Island as well as Hackensack and New Brunswick and will include workshops in yoga, painting classes, a drum circle group (learn to play a bongo drum), music appreciation and of course we will continue our very successful purple knitting/crochet club and Team Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group Walks in Washington, DC and in NJ, NY, and CT. 

Research has shown that both working together as a group as well as participating in focused activity is great for both the body and the mind. As for epilepsy, an article published in 2011, “Nonpharmacological treatment of epilepsy,” by V.S. Saxen, et. al. stated that “although the best known treatment for epilepsy relies on modern antiepileptic medicine, alternative therapies such as yoga, music, meditation, aerobic exercise, etc. are an effective addition to a sound treatment program.”

Our epilepsy advocates at Epilepsy Life Links at the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group could not agree more. All too often we hear that it is so difficult to get out and meet people while suffering from a seizure disorder. TV and Facebook are great to pass the time but they can get tiring too.  There is no reason that having seizures should go hand in hand with staying alone and indoors. So, you are all invited to pick some fun activities to start practicing this spring at the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group.

This program will offer ways to learn safe physical exercises to do at home, how to knit and paint, and music appreciation.  All of these are super ways to enrich your life and to grow.  Our talented professionals will modify some of the exercises to ensure that you learn how to do them in a safe way in case a seizure occurs during them. Our painting instructor will give you the most basic tips on how to create a masterpiece of your own in just one session! By the end of the knitting workshops you will have created your very own hat and/or scarf and will have learned the tools to continue working outside of this program.  

Epilepsy Life Links is able to offer these classes for free to our patients thanks to the generosity of our doctors who have come together to support this fun and healthy program.

To see the schedule and sign up for our workshops, please visit our website’s events page. You can also contact Melissa Fleming, Program Coordinator at (212) 661-7486 Ext. 123.

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