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Epilepsy Activities 2012-2013: Epilepsy webinars, Purple Valentine’s Project for epilepsy, Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group Sandy Relief Project

Patients and doctors at the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group have been busy this winter despite snowy and cold conditions and having gone through the after effects of Superstorm Sandy.  Everyone came together to collect food, supplies, and warm coats for survivors of Superstorm Sandy in New York and New Jersey.  They were delivered to the People’s Pantry in Tom’s River and to food pantries in New York.  The Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group decided to try something new this year in their campaign to educate as many people as possible about epilepsy, seizures, anti-epileptic treatments, and more.  Dr. Chris Lambrakis bravely launched our 2013 webinar series followed by Dr. Evan Fertig.  Reviews have been fantastic!!! Last but not least, we participated in the bE my Valentine’s project organized by the very creative Ron Lamontagne of Connecticut and had a lot of fun.  

March 26
Purple Day celebrations for epilepsy awareness took place in our Hackensack, Summit, and Jersey City offices in NJ and in our Manhattan, White Plains, and Middletown offices in NY.  We also had a special booth set up all day at White Plains Hospital Center!

March 05
Epilepsy Webinar - What’s new in research in epilepsy - Evan Fertig, MD

February 28
The Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group Sandy relief program

February 14
Valentine's Day

February 05
Epilepsy Webinar - Introduction to epilepsy and seizures - Christos Lambrakis, MD

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