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Our epilepsy specialists in New York and New Jersey are actively working

Our doctors are keeping busy teaching courses on epilepsy and neuropsychology to other professionals at Jersey City Medical Center, the Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Brunswick, the Annual Conference at the New York State Psychological Association, and working on special topics in epilepsy.  

Dr. Evan Fertig gave a lecture at the Jersey City Medical Center to medical staff on Critical Care EEG Monitoring for Anoxic Encephalopathy on March 13, 2013

On June 1, 2013, Drs. Marcela Bonafina and Lorna Myers will present at the NYSPA 76th Annual Convention (“Psychology Works: Essential knowledge to serve your patients, practice and the profession”) on Ethical neuropsychological testing procedures when working with Latino Spanish speaking patients

Drs. Politsky, Lancman, Fertig have continued to work actively on their Special Interest Groups of Tumor-Induced Epilepsy, ICU Monitoring, Private Practice Epilepsy.

Our staff have an article in press in the Epilepsy and Behavior Journal--PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMA IN PATIENTS WITH PSYCHOGENIC NON-EPILEPTIC SEIZURES: TRAUMA CHARACTERISTICS AND THOSE WHO DEVELOP PTSD. Lorna Myers, Ph.D.; Kenneth Perrine, Ph.D.; Martin Lancman, B.S.; Melissa Fleming, B.A.; Marcelo E Lancman, M.D.


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