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Our epilepsy specialists in New York and New Jersey are actively working

Our epilepsy specialists have been busy in 2013 giving webinars on epilepsy in women, free half-day conferences on epilepsy medications, epilepsy surgery and memory retraining, publishing in peer-reviewed journals and giving professional talks on Lennox Gastaut and neuropsychology. 

Dr. Olgica Laban-Grant gave an excellent epilepsy webinar on April 2 on the very important topic of Epilepsy in Women: there are some real differences from men.  The webinar is now available on-line at the site.  

Dr. Eric Segal had the honor of being invited to speak at the Lennox Gastaut Syndrome Foundation meeting held in California from May 2-3, 2013.  

Dr. Matt Evans showed all of us that he speaks Spanish like a native and gave a superb webinar in Spanish (Español) explaining the basics of epilepsy and seizures on May 7.  The webinar is now available on-line at the www.epilepsygroup .com site. 

On May 11, Drs. Enrique Feoli, Robert Trobliger and El Khashab presented on epilepsy surgery, memory retraining and medication recommendations and safety at the Hackensack University Medical Center half-day (free) conference for patients and loved ones.

June 2: Drs. Marcela Bonafina and Lorna Myers presented at the annual New York State Psychological Association meeting in New York, NY on Ethical neuropsychological testing of Spanish Speaking Hispanic patients.


Drs. Myers, Perrine and Lancman along with Melissa Fleming and Martin Lancman published Stress coping strategies in patients with psychogenic non-epileptic seizures and how they relate to trauma symptoms, alexithymia, anger and mood in the European Journal called Seizure.


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