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Epilepsy Survey Results: Would you participate in epilepsy research?

Have you ever participated in a research study of a new anti-epileptic medication or device? Research is the way in which science makes new treatment discoveries and can work towards reaching a cure for epilepsy. 

At the time the voting closed, we had 21 votes 

86% answered no

14% answered yes

Research in epilepsy is very important because this is the way in which new treatments are developed.  You may ask yourself, why would I want to participate in a research study?  The answer is that by participating in clinical trials, you may have access to leading-edge treatments and you are contributing to science for all. 

Our research team is working actively to find new treatments and technology for epilepsy through several multi-center (national and international) and single-site research studies.

Contact our research program staff and hear about many different ongoing projects. We are here to speak to you and answer any questions you may have to better inform you on all the advances that are going on and the options that you may want to consider.


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