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Featured Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group Program Pediatric epilepsy

One out of every hundred children in the US carries a diagnosis of pediatric epilepsy.  If a child is affected by this condition, he or she should receive the best diagnostic and medical care available. The Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group Pediatric Epilepsy Program specializes in evaluating and treating children with epilepsy. We are proud to have brought three exceptional pediatric epileptologists to the northeast area of the USA as part of our continuing efforts to improve the life of people with epilepsy.  Pediatric epileptologists are unique in that they have completed a Pediatric residency as well as fellowship training in epilepsy and neurology.  Their Board certifications reflect this specialized training. Our pediatric epilepsy program includes: Dr. Eric Segal, Dr. Stephanie Jean-Baptiste Berry and Dr. Adenike Opaleke.  

Our program is built on the understanding that a child with epilepsy and his or her family encounter special challenges that often require a team of professionals.  It is for this reason that our team also includes child neurosurgeons, nurses, psychologists, neuropsychologists, a social worker, and Epilepsy Life Links epilepsy advocates.  Our Pediatric Epilepsy team works as a unit to simultaneously provide exceptional medical care, psychological support, educational assistance, and social and community activities.  

The Pediatric Epilepsy Program at the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group has several Specialty programs for children:

• Medical treatment programs

   - With approved seizure medications

   - Experimental seizures medications (not available on the market)

• Surgical treatment program

• Autism Specialty Center

• Tuberous Sclerosis Specialty Center

• Dravet Syndrome Specialty Center

• Sturge-Weber Specialty Center

To make an appointment with one of our three pediatric epilepsy doctors call 201-343-6676 or 914-428-9213.


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