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Epilepsy Activities end of year (2013): Epilepsy webinars, seminars, Purple Pumpkin Project

Wellness in Epilepsy in the fall: many patients enjoyed the free and healthy activities we offered this year in different locations in New York (White Plains and Manhattan) and New Jersey (Bergen County).  Classes were varied and included something for all tastes: knitting purple apparel, learning yoga, training core muscles, crochet classes, and art and drawing lessons. Stay tuned for the new 2014 activities.  

In October, we held a Purple Pumpkin Project event in Hackensack, NJ that was a huge success.  Kids got to spread their creative wings with purple paint, glitter, stickers, and pumpkins that they painted and took home to spread epilepsy awareness.  Ask me why my pumpkin is purple? Is the question that goes along with those purple beauties. 

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