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Our epilepsy specialists in New York and New Jersey have been actively working in 2014

Epilepsy Education

Our epilepsy doctors have been offering free webinars open to anyone who registers on a variety of important epilepsy and seizure topics.  If you missed any of these, you can go to this link to watch:

March 11
Epilepsy Webinar - Dr. Adenike Opaleke, Imitators of Epilepsy in Childhood

March 04
Epilepsy Webinar - Adrienne Arkontaky - Legal Issues in Epilepsy

February 25
Epilepsy Webinar - Dr. Evan Fertig, New Epilepsy Treatments Under Study At Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group

February 18
Epilepsy Webinar - Dr. Robert Trobliger, What is Neuropsychological Testing for children: An explanation in plain English

January 28
Epilepsy Webinar - Dr. Keren Lebeau, What is Neuropsychological Testing: an explanation in plain English

Epilepsy Education for Professionals

Our Epilepsy specialists have continued to be active in the many American Epilepsy Society task forces and Special Interest Groups holding long distance conference calls and planning future projects and meetings.  All of these efforts are gearing up for December 5-9, 2014 when all of these doctors will meet in Seattle, Washington for the 68th Annual Meeting. 

New Book:

In January of 2014, Dr. Lorna Myers published Psychogenic Non-epileptic Seizures: A Guide for patients, loved ones and professionals who work with them and who may be unfamiliar with the condition.  Dr. Myers has extensive knowledge of the diagnosis and treatment of Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures (PNES) as a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist practicing for over ten years. She is the Director the PNES Treatment Program and the Clinical Neuropsychology Program at the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group. 

The book is an invaluable resource that explains the elements that make up PNES, provides the necessary tools to begin achieving real changes in behavior, thoughts and emotions, and guidelines to live a life that is healthy, safe and good in quality.  It has received wonderful reviews and has been very well received by patients and health providers alike.  This book is for sale on (Kindle and print version) and on the Barnes and Noble website.

Dr. Eric Segal, pediatric epileptologist, published an article in Epilepsy Research:

Akman CI, Abou Khaled KJ, Segal E, Micic V, Riviello JJ.  Generalized periodic epileptiform discharges in critically ill children: clinical features and outcome. Epilepsy Res. 2013: 106(3): 378-85.

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