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Epilepsy Survey Results: Have you ever attended an epilepsy walk/run, event or fundraiser?

Epilepsy can present challenges to independence and social activities.  Friends, family and strangers may know little about epilepsy and it can feel hard to connect with some of them at times.  Being part of an epilepsy community event is an excellent way to bond and join forces with many others who understand and share similar experiences.  There are a whole bunch of ways to become part of the epilepsy community and become active including joining a support group for persons with epilepsy, joining a team that goes on an epilepsy walk or run, attending a fundraiser (not all of these are fancy balls where you need to donate thousands of dollars to get a seat, you can find much more reasonable and totally exciting mud volleyball tournaments, picnics, or dances).  At the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group, we also have the Purple Pumpkin Project for children around Halloween and a set of wellness activities (e.g. knitting, computer 101, yoga, pilates, drumming classes, etc.) that are offered at different times during the year.  There is a lot going on all the time.  Check with your doctors’ offices and with your local Epilepsy Foundation or Society and you are sure to find something that could fit your liking.  

Epilepsy Survey Results: Have you ever attended an epilepsy walk/run, event or fundraiser?

At the time the voting closed, we had 25 votes and what we saw is that exactly half of the participants had participated in some sort of epilepsy community activity:

52% answered no

48% answered yes

It would be great for the number of those who responded “yes” to be higher because by becoming an active community that works together we have a much better chance to have our voices heard.


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