Epilepsy Information

Experimental treatments

One-third of patients with epilepsy will not respond to conventional medical therapy, and some may not be candidates for surgical, dietary, or other second-line therapies.  Fortunately, there are many new promising therapies on the horizon, but these approaches remain experimental at present.  In order to access these treatments, patients need to consider enrolling in a clinical trial (a scientific study of a new therapy in patients under close observation by medical experts-see more below). Emerging treatments for epilepsy can be divided into two types: neurostimulation and novel medical treatments.

• Neurostimulation
  - Deep Brain Stimulation
  - Neuropace
• Experimental Medical Therapy

Complimentary and Alternative Medicine for Epilepsy

Supportive Treatments
Supportive treatments are those treatments that are geared specifically for people with epilepsy to help them improve their day-to-day functioning. Several supportive treatments are available for people with epilepsy, including psychotherapy, support groups, and cognitive remediation therapy.

• Psychotherapy
• Cognitive Remediation Therapy
• Support Groups